What’s this C between I and T?

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For many people, IT means nothing more than “something with computers” instead of the actual sense of “information technology” – which is much more than “something with computers”. No more mistaken beliefs.


Computers help us to cope with our work and our everyday life. We use them on almost every occasion and want them to “just work”. Be it sending e-mails with Microsoft Outlook, watching series on Netflix, or the automatic program of our washing machine.
They thus serve as a means of access to receive, process, exchange and store information. And this only works fluently if this information is stored in a usable and effective structure. Technologically, our computers thus become a part of information technology.


While we are fortunate to be able to use this concentrated knowledge for us, added value is only generated when we share – act – communicate this knowledge in the form of products or services with others.
That’s where the C – Communication comes from.

The title of this blog intends to grasp and understand the abbreviation IT in its entirety in the future from the reduced computer thought, by questioning the abbreviation.  Ultimately, however, it remains the task of IT administrators to ensure that everything “just works” in the end.


Nobody is happy if devices and applications do not want the way we would like them to. All technological aids require from us the appropriation of the operation. This applies to the use of a laptop, a tablet, a pocket calculator with all its buttons or even a kitchen knife. Just as we learned to cut an onion properly without hurting our fingers, we also need to understand our laptops. We don’t need to know how steel became a knife, how the motherboard became the center of our computer, but we need to know how to use it to get the most out of it.

PS: If you don’t like that part of communication, you can interpret ICT as “any computer technologies”.

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