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“It just has to work” is rarely simple and often doesn’t work the way it should. In IT departments, we regularly face the challenge of making the old system compatible with the new hardware or software. A legacy that hinders us and takes time. We want easier conversions, better compatibility.

We also have a comparable legacy with our employees. “It used to be that way,” it is often said, but after a short time this is also over and new possibilities are found and used. We want a solution that enables the user to implement the necessary requirements right from the first step.

constant development is the basic premise

Digitization, as a carrier of globalization, makes it possible that only a single developer somewhere in the world has to create something that can be used by everyone. Intelligent systems that recognize regularities create automatisms that adapt such developments individually. And ideally, a new program is created that recognizes what I have in mind and implements the functionality independently.

Terms such as NoCode and LowCode fly through the room. Writing a program with a kind of pseudocode, or in development interfaces, which do not require any in-depth understanding of previously known programming languages.

But that is no fiction anymore and even less magic what happens there. We have been in this development for 30 years. Our employees already write small codes by writing =SUM(…) in an Excel table without understanding exactly how the computer calculates. An app developer, for example, has not had to know exactly what the compiler does for several years. Because it is irrelevant what happens in the background – it works.

What challenges will we face in our IT departments?

We are facing a change that will turn our employees from users into users. A user who is able to convert his logic, his intelligence, into digital processes without any previous knowledge and ideally in any language that the user wants to speak. IT departments underline once again that they are not only the necessary evil, but rather a pioneer. We create new spaces in which our employees can move.


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